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These plants are available for display purposes and hopefully will make there way to our sale list.
The timing will depend on how vigorous they are, how they handle our winter and if we are using them for our seedling program.
Feel free to email or call us at 705-357-1282 (Mary Lou), 905-668-9132 (Joan)
to enquire on availability or add your name to the waiting list for a particular plant.

We will be taking lots of digital pictures this summer to enhance this page.
Click on the camera camera to see a picture of the daylily


Alpine Ruffles- Stamile, 2007Alpine Ruffles
Amber Rhum-Petit, 2008
Anita McMaster- Peat, 2006
Annebelle's Fishing Lure - Yost 2013Annebelles Fishing Lure
Autumn Concerto - Stamile 2010Autumn Concerto
Aztec Headdress- Petit, 2003Aztec Headdress


Barbara Bukhart-Pete Harry, 2012 Barbara Bukhart
Bells and Whistles- Petit 2007Bells and Whistles
Big Mama-BenzBig Mama
Bite Me in the Neck- Polston 2010Bite Me in the Neck
Blue Grass Music-Smith Blue Grass Music
Blue HippoBlue Hippo
Blue Illusions Blue Illusions
Blue Racer-Floyd Cove, 2011Blue Racer
Bold Paint - Stamile, 2010 Bold Paint
Bold Raven-Floyd Cove, 2014Bold Raven
Bonibrae Jessica- Barry Mathie 2011
Born to be Wild - Pierce 2013 Born to be Wild
Boundless Beauty-Stamile, 2005
Bubba on Tour- Buntyn, 2009 Bubba on Tour


Captiva Island - Petit, 2009 Captiva Island
Carribbean Sunset-Mercer-R, 2011Caribbean Sunset
Carol Todd-Trimmer, 2006
Casting Crowns - Polston 2013 Casting Crowns
Chang Dynasty - Stamile 2007 Chang Dynasty - Stamile 2007
Chief Bites A Lot Chief Bites A Lot
Curb Appeal-Floyd Cove, 2012 Curb Appeal


Dan Bachman - Polston 2013
Dark Night Dynamite - Stamile, 2010 Dark Night Dynamite
Darkside- Calver, 2009
Diamond Silk - Stamile 2001 Diamond Silk
Dovelicious-Harry 2008Dovelicious
Double Dutch Supreme- Peat, 2009
Dragon’s Eye-Salter, 1991Dragons Eye
Dream Candy-Stamile, 2002Dream Candy


Eight Miles High-Lambertson, 2003Eight Miles High
Electric Marmalade Magic- Kinnebrew, 2001Electric Marmalade
Emerald Bay-Stamile 2007 Emerald Bay
Empire Returns-Salter, 2001Empire Returns
Evelyn Kloeris- Carpenter, 2004
Eyes Right Jones-Wilkerson, 2006
Eyelash Viper-Lamberston, 2013 Eyelash Viper


Fancy Lace- Stamile, 2008 Fancy Lace
Fire Agate - Stamile 2005Fire Agate
Fourth of July - Gaskin, 2009 Fourth of July
Forestlake Ragamuffin- E.Harding, 1993


Galactic Green Galactic Green
God Save the Queen - Morss, 2005 God Save the Queen
Golden Diamond Dust- Peat, 2006
Green Mystique- Stamile, 2002 Green Mystique
Green Revolution-Stamile, 2007 Green Revolution
Guy Meadows- Agin 2009Guy Meadows


Happy TeethHappy Teeth
Heartbeat of Heaven - Emmerish, 2004 Heartbeat of Heaven
Heart Breaker Alex - DeVito, 2011Heart Breaker Alex
Heavenly Pink Fang- Gossard 2004Heavenly Pink Fang
Hold Your Horses - Trimmer, 2004 Hold Your Horsses
Home of the Free - Grace, 2012 Home of the Free


Ichabod - Georges 2014 Ichabod Georges
Icicles-Floyd Cove, 2012Icicles Floyd
Iddy Biddy Gal-Stamile, 1997


Jamaican Rainbow-Trimmer, 2008 Jamaican Rainbow
Janet and Bill - De Vito, 2011Janet and Bill
Judy Farquhar, 2004 Just Farquar
Jump Up and Kiss Me - Nicole DeVito, 2011 Jump Up and Kiss Me
Just Fabulous- Petit, 2008Just Fabulous


Katherine Marin-Rice 2007


Lacy All Over- Stamile 2008   
Lacy Border- Stamile, 2007Lacy Border
Lava Burst - Hansen 2006 Lava Burst
Ledgewood Tony Likes It Ledgewood Tony Likes It


Malibu Twilight - Pierce 2016 Mailibu Twilight
Marilyn Monroe-Floyd Cove, 2014 Marilyn Monroe
Mayan's Dawn-Floyd Cove, 2013Mayan Dawn
Mean Joe Green- Pierce 2012Mean Joe Green
Memphis-Trimmer, 2008Memphis
Merry Moppet-Salter, 2002 Merry Moppet
Moses in the Bull Rushes - Emmerish, 2006 Moses in the Bull Rushes
Mountain Wildflower - Stamile, 2008 Mountain Wildflower
Moving Pictures-Floyd Cove, 2012Moving Pictures
Mulberry Freeze- Stamile, 2009 Mulberry Freeze


Nicole’s American Beauty- Harry/DeVito 2008
Nicole’s Elephant Ears- Harry/DeVito
Ninth Millennium- Petit 2008Ninth Millennium
Northern Dazzler - Polston 2012 Northern Dazzler
Northern Dynasty-Culver 2011Norther Dynasty
Northern Fancy- Stamile, 2002Northern Fancy


Ocean Rainbow-Pierce 2011Ocean Rainbow
Off to the Races - Rice, 2008
Oh Great One - Benz, 2005
Open Season - Floyd Cove, 2013 Open Season
Orchid Linen- Pierce 2013Orchid Linen
Outrageous Fortune- Stamile, 2001


Pansy Yellow-Stamile, 2007Pansy Yellow
Pathway to Paradise Pathway to Paradise
Pete's Passion-Harry, 2012 Pete's Passion
Pink Hawaiian Sunset - Polston, 2010Pink Hawaiian Sunset
Pansy Yellow-Stamile, 2007Pansy Yellow
Pod King Pod King
Power Surge- Harry 2010Power Surge
Precious Candy-Stamile, 2006 Precious Candy
Prepare For Glory-Benz, 2007
Princess Sofia - Brooker, 2008 Princess Sofia
Priscilla’s Smile-Trimmer, 2007
Purl Griffin-Gaskins, 2004Purl Griffin



Rachelle Agin-Linda Agin, 2009Rachelle Agin
Randy Stephens Randy Stephens
Raspberry Goosebumps-Polston, 2004Raspberry Goosebumps
Raspberry MountainRaspberry Mountain
Reach the Sun-  Harry, 2009
Red Blooded-Floyd Cove, 2014Red Blooded
Red Friday-Agin, 2007Red Friday
Red Hot and Boom- Harry/DeVito 2010
Red Hot Shockalot- DeVito 2011Red Hot Shockalot
Red Loveliness-J.Carpenter, 2000 Red Loveliness
Red Velvet Elvis-DeVito, 2010Red Velvet Elvis
Reggie Morgan-Petit, 2008
Richard Taylor Yates- Petit, 2007 Richard Taylor Yates
Rossen's Best Edge - Pete Harry 2012 Rossen's Best Edge
Royal Refinement- J.Carpenter, 2001 Royal Refinement


Sarah Starchak- Pierce 2013
San Juan Nights - Pierce 2016 San Juan Nights
Seasons in the Sun - Polston 2013 Seasons in the Sun
Sense of Wonder-Trimmer, 2005Sense of Wonder
Siloam Double Classic - P Henry, 1995 Siloam Double Classic
Sister of Praise- T. Bell- 2004 Sister of Praise
Snow Crystal - Stamile 2008Snow Crystal (3)
Sonya Starchak- Pierce 2013
Spacecoast Art Deco- Kinnebrew 2014 Spacecoast Art Deco
Spacecoast Barracuda- Kinnebrew 2014
Spacecoast Casino Red- Kinnebrew 2010
Spacecoast Chomp Chomp- Kinnebrew 2011Spacecoast Chomp Chomp
Spacecoast Devil’s Disciple- Kinnebrew 2011SpacecoastDevilsDisciple
Spacecoast Fantasy Flight- J. Kinnebrew, 2000camera
Spacecoast Fortune Redeemed- Kinnebrew 2011
Spacecoast Francis Busby- Kinnebrew 2010Spacecoast Francis Busby
Spacecoast Fringe Benefit-J.Kinnebrew, 2007Spacecoast Fringe Benefits
Spacecoast Grape Biter- Kinnebrew 2013
Spacecoast Hollywood Knights- Kinnebrew 2015
Spacecoast Lemon Whiskers-Kinnebrew 2013 Spacecoast Lemon Whiskers
Spacecoast Sabertooth- Kinnebrew 2013
Spacecoast Saltwater Taffy-Kinnebrew 2015
Spacecoast Sharptooth-J. Kinnebrew, 2002
Spacecoast Technical Knockout- Kinnebrew, 03Spacecoast Technical Knockout
Spacecoast The Shredder-Kinnebrew 2013
Spacecoast Thorny Devil-Kinnebrew, 2002Spacecoast Thorny Devil
Spacecoast White Chocolate- Kinnebrew 2008
Spacecoast White Christmas- Kinnebrew 2015
Spacecoast White Frosting- Kinnebrew 2014
Spacecoast Velvet Valentine- Kinnbrew 2010
Spanish Fiesta-Trimmer, 2006Spanish Fiesta
Spectral Elegance-Stamile, 2002
Spiny Sea Urchin-Stamile, 2003
Spinefeld-Floyd Cove, 2013Spinefeld
Staying Alive-Floyd Cove, 2010Staying Alive
Steely Blue Eyes-Hansen, 2000
Streetcar Named Desire-Petit, 2008Streetcar Names Desire
Substance of Fire-Petit, 2008
Sunday Sandals-Grace and Smith, 2003
Symphony of Fire- Peat, 2000


That Thing You Do-Nicole Harry, 2008That Thing You Do
The Big Picture - Floyd Cove, 2013The Big Picture
The Hulk - Stamile, 2007 The Hulk
Triassic Teeth - Lambertson, 2005 Triassic Teeth
Trigger Happy - Pierce 2011 Trigger Happy
Twiced Kissed - Floyd Cove, 2010 Twiced Kissed



Velvet Throne-Petit, 2009Velvet Throne
Venus Flytrap-Gossard 2007Venus Flytrap
Victorian Lace- Stamile, 2000


White Tooth-Peat, 2009 White Tooth
Wild Blue Yonder-Lorrain/Lycett, 2000Wild Blue Yonder
Words Of Love- Stamile, 2001


Yukon Spring- Culver 2004
Yukon Spring